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Turning Clutter Into Cash!

Turning Cash Into Clutter!

As the price of gas goes up, the cost for other goods and services are skyrocketing, too.  These added costs add stress to Mom as she manages the family budget making sure everyone has what they need and some of what they want too. Many turn to garage sales, consignment stores and online postings as a way to save some money – but there are drawbacks to these solutions. Gas spent driving from garage sale to garage sale, hoping to find what you are looking for offsets the small prices you’ll pay if you actually hit a gold mine. Consignment stores are good, but often have limited selection, especially on larger gear and toys – simply because of space constraints. And online postings are great if you’re looking for a single item, like a stroller or a bed. But outfitting kids for a season or looking for multiple items can be incredibly time consuming, plus organizing a meeting with a seller can be troublesome. Semi-annual community children’s consignment sales events have become a popular alternative to these other options, allowing Mom’s to save time and money. These events serve hundreds of consignors and thousands of shoppers with their large selections of clothes, toys, gear, shoes and more.
As more local moms find out about Just Between Friends and other consignment sales, they are participating in these semi-annual community sales events because they are able to earn more than they would at any other resale option. In these tough economic times, parents realize that they need to make the most for their items in order to reinvest that same money in their child’s next stage. Kansas City’s moms can sell their children’s outgrown and unused items and make up to 75% on their sold items, while shopping tens of thousands of items at up to 90% off retail prices. The events save them time and money – no time wasted driving around town hunting for deals or sitting in the heat at a garage sale all weekend hoping enough shoppers come by to make it worth the effort.
Maybe you’re already a shopper at one or more of these events.  So you’re saving the money, but let’s cover why you should be selling at these events, too.  Being a consignor allows you to:

  • Shop early, before the public.  Often this means better selection and first dibs on the best deals.
  • Earn 65%-75% on the selling price of your items.   70% of $5 on a pair of jeans is WAY more than the 50 cents or $1 your might get for those jeans at a garage sale.
  • Set the prices of their items in the convenience and privacy of your own home.  Many events have “Pricing Guidelines” to help when you’re stumped on how much to ask for an item.

Consigning is a great way to get rid of kid-related clutter in your house, save items from a local landfill by recycling them and making some big money in the process.

Think you don’t have enough stuff to qualify as a consignor?  Usually these events just ask their consignors bring at least $100 of tagged merchandise.  Check these 10 places and see what you can come up with.

  1. Children’s Closets: Pull out what doesn’t fit or won’t fit in the coming season.  Have totes labeled “Spring” and “Fall” and when things come out of the wash that are too small, put them away and they’ll be ready to tag when the next sale comes.
  2. Children’s Dressers:  Socks, t-shirts, hats, pants and shorts.  Often Moms (and kids) wear their favorite outfits repeatedly but other items of clothing don’t get worn at all, but need to be recycled and resold as the child outgrows that size.
  3. Toy Boxes:  Children love toys, games and puzzles but quickly lose interest.  Smart moms recycle their kids’ toys twice a year at these sales, so kids are constantly entertained and stimulated.  Selling and buying toys at these events means your not losing money by paying retail, instead it’s like an “exchange”.
  4. Back Yard:  Here’s where the most in-demand items and moneymakers are found.  Swings, slides, jungle gyms, water/sand tables, and other outdoor items are what moms race down the aisles for.  Also check the garage for bikes, trikes, sleds and bike trailers.
  5. Kitchen:  When infants move from bottles to sippee cups, that’s the perfect time to resell bottles, bottle warmers and pacifiers.  It’s also a great place to look for baby spoons, kids’ dinnerware, bibs and baby food makers.
  6. Bathroom:  Here’s where you’ll find potty chairs, baby bath tubs, hooded towels, baby washcloths, tub toys and safety items.
  7. Media Center:  Baby Einstein DVD’s will give way to Dora and Diego, then comes the Disney movies and Video games.  As children progress, moms recycle to the next level up to keep their kids engaged.
  8. Grandma/Babysitter’s House:  It’s common for moms to buy “two of everything” for the sake of convenience.  So it’s easy to move from baby to toddler equipment without a huge expense.
  9. Basement: Basements are notorious for being the “baby catch-alls” of the past. However, today’s parents only want the latest fashions, equipment and toys. Instead of letting your basement get cluttered with yesterday’s essentials and favorite things sell them to keep your house clutter free and add some cash to your wallet! Items stored for any length of time basically becomes proportionately unsalable due to formula stains, battery corrosion, recalls and/or outdated styles.
  10. Kids’ Rooms: As kids grow, so does their taste in décor. Baby lambs give way to racecars and cribs are upgraded to toddler and bunk beds. Moms should consider recycling lamps, rugs, crib bedding sets, furniture and anything else that is more clutter now than convenience.

See?  If you have kids and thought through even a few of the above places, you know you’re ready to be a consignor with one of the local consignment sales events. . Moms who volunteer four hours or more at the event typically make more money (often 70-75%) on their sold items. There are often some family-friendly vendors at the event, too.

So get out and make some money, clear clutter and get some back-to-school cash flow into your budget.  See you at the sale!

Since 2006, Amber Post has been organizing 3 Just Between Friends Children’s and Maternity Sales events (Lee’s Summit, MO Owasso, OK and Southwest Tulsa, OK).  She loves saving money, shopping and working from home in her PJ’s with her 5 kids, 3 dogs and guinea pig Twix keeping her company.  She can be reached at 816-686-2326 or amber@jbfsale.com

2012 All rights reserved.  No part of this material may be reproduced, transmitted or delivered in any form without permission.  Our work is protected by ethics and laws…just like yours.  For reprint permission, email amber@jbfsale.com