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The little book with BIG resources!

Road Trip to Topeka, KS — An Art of Life or A Life of Art?

Yo Yo Club at the Discovery Center in Topeka

So much to see, do and learn in Topeka! What a great destination for a family day trip!

Topeka, KS, the capital city of Kansas, is the homeland for famous Topekans like Harry E. Gavitt, the spirit behind Gavitt’s Stock Exchange, which is one of the most exciting and popular games ever invented; Cyrus K. Holiday, one of the founders of Topeka; and Arthur Capper, the noted editor and politician. The city also gets little known facts: the home of the first million-dollar high school, the home of Margaret Hill McCarter, the home of Charles Sheldon who wrote In His Steps… The list can go on and on. Thus, it is not surprising to know that Topeka is one of Kiplinger’s 10 Best Cities for the next decade.

There are tons of fun things to do in Topeka, KS: If you are fond of libraries and museums, Combat Air Museum, Kansas Center for the Book and Old Prairie Town at Ward Meade Historic Site are there for you; If you would like to see animals, the renowned Topeka Zoo is your choice; Or if you are longing to see a Brian Regan show, Topeka Performing Arts Center is the place for you. See it now? Topeka, as Alissa Sheley says, is small enough to know everyone around you, but it is big enough to do fun things you can possibly imagine.

Now, we are delighted to share our recommended TOP 5 FUN EVENTS in Topeka with you and your family. Hope you can find the bright spot for a nice spring roadtrip!!

TOP 1— The Kansas Children’s Discovery Center

Website: http://www.kansasdiscovery.org/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_57835724015

The Kansas Children’s Discovery Center a center for children with exhibits for discovery and exploration! It’s a “hands-on” envirnment with focus on EDUCATION! There’s math, science, arts, creative thinking and gross motor skill activities for the kiddos.  The Center provides moms and dads with Birthday Parties & Private Events rooms, Field Trips, Exhibits and Discover Camps too!

Upcoming Fun Events for kids:


Begins this THURSDAY, MARCH 29

The Yo Yo Club will meet every Thursday afternoon for 6 weeks, at the Kansas Children’s Discovery Center. This is a great after school activity for children ages 5+ years or older. Read more about the event at http://www.kansasdiscovery.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=71&Itemid=85

Read more about all of their upcoming events at http://www.kansasdiscovery.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=66&Itemid=79

TOP 2— Topeka Zoological Park 

Website: http://topekazoo.org/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TopekaZoo

The Famous Topeka Zoo has been a favorite destination for kids and adults alike since the 1930s. Today, the Zoo features more than 380 animals amidst acres of native horticulture.

Upcoming Fun Events for kids:

Summer Camp Registration NOW OPEN!

Begins on this FRIDAY, MARCH 30

Giraffe Feeding, Bone Day for the big cats, Campout with Dad, and Drew @ the Zoo are waiting for your kids!! Read more about the events at http://topekazoo.org/

TOP 3— Mulvane Art Museum at Washburn 

Website: http://www.washburn.edu/main/mulvane/index.html

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MulvaneArtMuseum?sk=wall

At Mulvane Art Museum, you can see art of life because they believe art can change people’s lives. You not only gaze at pictures and works, you also get to know stories behind them.

Upcoming Fun Events for kids:

ArtLab Family Days (Free & Open to the Public)

Begins at APRIL 14, Saturday

Come to ArtLab to create artistic bird houses and feeders to shelter and feed your fine feathered friends! Read more about the event at http://www.washburn.edu/main/mulvane/files/FREE2012.pdf

TOP 4— Kansas State Capitol Building

Website: http://www.kansastravel.org/kansasstatecapitol.htm

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kansas-State-Capitol/105509059482760

Kansas State Capitol Building in Topeka, KS is the best FREE attraction in the Kansas State Capitol. The Capitol is open to visitors from 8 AM-5PM, Monday through Friday, with free tours conducted by the State Historical Society 4-6 times during the day.

*Special Note: The Kansas State Capitol dome tours have been suspended through June 2012 due to renovation. The rest parts of the building can still be visited.

TOP 5— Helen Hocker Center for the Performing Arts

Website: http://parks.snco.us/Facilities.aspx?Page=detail&RID=92

The Helen Hocker Center for the Performing Arts is an organization dedicated to enriching the cultural growth of Shawnee County community in Topeka, KS. They offer family entertainment, positive theater learning experiences in a friendly atmosphere.

Upcoming Fun Events for kids:

BathHouse Players

Begins on MAY 30, 10AM-3PM

The BathHouse Players need energetic and creative youth ages 14-18 with varied talents, who enjoy the arts and producing plays for young people. Read more about the event at http://parks.snco.us/Facilities.aspx?Page=detail&RID=92

Find an Art of Life in Topeka, KS!

Embrace a Life of Art in Topeka, KS!

Hey Moms! Here’s Some Help with Electronics Clutter

Hey iFamilyKC readers!  Do you have a box, closet or drawer full of electronic cords, adapters and possibly even original packaging and boxes?  We tend to save these things, “in case”, but often they are obsolete, outdated or even not in working order.  Our professional organizer has some tips and answers to help coordinate the clutter:

“In my classes I teach people how to keep computer files organized but what I am talking about today, is all of the little items that we are instructed to keep that comes with new electronics purchases.  Rare is the home I visit that does not have a closet totally devoted to empty computer and electronics boxes – once even having a client rent a storage unit to store the TV box just in case she needed it.

We are given information from a variety of sources (add me to the list) of what to keep and what to save.  Most of which, is intended to make life easier for the entity providing the information.  Consider this, if it is clearly written on each side of a computer box to Save This Box!  You think you need to save it.  By saving the box, you are making any returns easier (and cheaper) for the manufacturer.  Save your boxes between fourteen and thirty days.  After that, any malfunction issues will have presented themselves.  After that time, a local repairman would most likely be consulted anyway.

Once you are ready to dispose of the actual box, cut off the serial number sticker and any manufacturer contact information.  These should be stored with the owner’s manual and warranty information.  This can be by either stapling or placing together in a sheet protector or Ziploc bag.  If you use the Ziploc bag, you can place the wires in there as well, just be sure to use a labeler to label the bag and the contents.  Make sure that chargers that are used regularly are left out in a place where they can be charged in the same place every day.

Parts and pieces for items that would be seldom used should be stored away but properly labeled.  Again, a Ziploc bag or even square Gladware boxes are ideal.  I prefer the Gladware boxes because they can easily be stacked on a shelf.  If the labels are on the sides, then you know exactly which box contains the spare parts to your dishwasher.

Before trying to take control over you wires and electronics accessories, go through them and identify the parent part…then label them.  Any for which you are unsure, place in a separate container.  Keep the container for six months and if you haven’t tried to locate one of those cords, discard the entire thing.  Replacing a lost cord cost far less than the emotional cost of worrying about what to do with them.

Have a Neat day!”

Jennifer Snyder, Neat as a Pin Organizing Experts



Please Join Us as We Share the Power of a Wish!

iFamilyKC is thrilled to be promoting our local Make-A-Wish organization!  Since 1980, the Make-A-Wish Foundation® has been on a mission to grant wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. The Foundation’s mission reflects the life-changing impact that a Make-A-Wish® experience has on children, families, referral sources, donors, sponsors and entire communities.

Founded in 1980 after a little boy named Chris Greicius realized his heartfelt wish to become a police officer. Since its humble beginnings, the organization has blossomed into a worldwide phenomenon, reaching more than 250,000 children around the world.  The Missouri Chapter, headquartered in St. Louis and operating regional offices in Kansas City and Springfield,  granted its first wish in 1983 and since that time more than 4,200 children in Missouri and eastern Kansas have been forever changed by the power of a wish®!  Our Chapter’s territory serves all 115 counties in Missouri and 6 in Kansas – Franklin, Johnson, Leavenworth, Linn, Miami, and Wyandotte.

While wishes are unique expressions of each child’s imagination, they typically fall into one of four categories…I wish to go…I wish to be…I wish to meet…and I wish to have.  Whatever the wish , it sends a message that we as a community care about these special children and we understand how critical illnesses affects the entire family.

Volunteers are the backbone of our organization.  There are volunteer opportunities that can fit into just about anyone’s schedule, whether it is by helping grant wishes, raising money by hosting fundraiser or providing office support.  Thank you to all the valued volunteers, sponsors, and board members who have helped make our region successful.  We continue to make great strides to increase our name recognition, outreach capabilities and fundraising expertise as we work to grant as many wishes as possible for families in our region.

Please join us as we share the power of a wish®!










Visit the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Missouri website at www.mo.wish.org

For more information on our upcoming event – Walk For Wishes visit www.walkforwisheskc.kintera.org

You may also call the local office at 913-341-9474.



How Do We Get the Kids Where They Need to Be?

Topic around the water cooler today is how on earth do we get the kids to and from all of the different places they need to be?  This can be an issue in the evenings, during the school year and especially during summer months when there are so many camps and activities!   Round About Kids Transportation really can help:

Mark Romero’s brainchild can help you with not only kids’ transportation but also elderly, airport and entertainment transportation needs.

Roundabout Kids Transportation, LLC was created to provide a unique, reliable and safe transportation service exclusively for children and adults in the Kansas City area. Their objective is to get your children to school, daycare, after school programs, soccer practice, music lessons, parent’s place of employment, or wherever a family’s schedule demands. They also provide transportation to all local Airports or any local destination of your choice for families in the Kansas City Metro Area.  They are licensed and commercially insured for your protection.  Be sure to visit their web site for more information.  They might just be able to save you some time and headaches while getting everyone in the family where they need to be!



Discover St. Joseph, Missouri!

iFamilyKC is always looking for great resources to share with our readers.  “Where can we go for family fun?”  is a common question we hear.  If your family lives in an urban city, you may want to try somewhere with natural scenery and fresh air. Or, if you are bored with the simple life in rural towns, you may be longing for places with upscale shopping, fine dining and exciting things.  We have the answer for you, “Go and discover St. Joseph, Missouri!”

St. Joseph, MO is a suburban city that was settled in 1826 as a trading post on the Missouri River. The city is the perfect combination of urban and rural living. As said on the Convention and Visitors Bureau website, “St. Joseph, Missouri invites you to take a step back in time-without missing out on any 21st Century comforts.” St. Joseph, MO is the famous place where the Pony Express began in 1860 and the notorious Jesse James said goodbye to this world in 1882. The city also has abundant recreation opportunities and arts for families and kids.

We would like to walk you through five hot spots you can go for family fun! Come see them now!

No.1—Pony Express Museum

*Special Event for Kids: Educational Field Tour

Guided tours are available to groups of at least 20 students but limited to 75 people. The museum offers guided tours as well as other activities such as a scavenger hunt and several other interactive worksheets. The museum also has a wonderful children’s exhibit, “Family Life on the Frontier,” where kids will be able to dress up as pioneer and experience life in the 1800’s. Interested? See more on their website at http://www.ponyexpress.org/educational-field-trips

Information: The Pony Express Museum presents to you with many exciting, vibrant, educational exhibits illustrating the need, creation, operation and termination of the Pony Express. You can also make a Souvenir Pressed Penny in their new, crank machine!

Sources: http://www.ponyexpress.org/


No. 2—Jesse James Home in Patee House

*Special Event for Kids: Civil War Talks

In the fall, Patee House will resume its series of talks on the Civil War in St. Joseph and northwest Missouri. Dates & times TBA. Visit their website at http://www.ponyexpressjessejames.com/patee

Information: The notorious outlaw Jesse James said goodbye to this world in this house on April 3, 1882. Today, the James Home deals with the life and death of Jesse James.

Sources: http://www.ponyexpressjessejames.com/patee/


No.3—Remington Nature Center

*Special Event for Kids: Mock Dig Coming in July!

If your kids are interested in archaeology, you may want to consider this Mock Dig event. Find more information on their website at http://www.stjoenaturecenter.info/MockDig.pdf

Information: The Remington Nature Center of St. Joseph is located in the beautiful Missouri River Valley in St. Joseph, Missouri. The center has built a reputation for sharing nature’s wonder with students and families, children and adults. Their programs just for kids will surely attract you.

Source: http://www.stjoenaturecenter.info/

No. 4—Allied Arts Council

*Special Event for Kids: Artists in the schools

The event is a program of the Allied Arts Council. It offers cultural enrichment to students in grades pre-K-12 in public and parochial schools in the St. Joseph area. There is a charge of $20.00 per session for schools located outside of the St. Joseph city limits. You can find more detailed information by visiting their website at: http://www.stjoearts.org/programs/artist_n_schools.htm

Information: The Allied Arts Council of St. Joseph, Missouri provides educational programs; art exhibits, summer youth arts programs, and operates the annual Trails West! !® Arts festival. The Council exists “to bring arts and people together.”

Sources: http://www.stjoearts.org/programs/artist_n_schools.htm



No. 5—Robidoux Resident Theatre

*Special Event for Kids: Young Playwrights Festival

High school students write and submit one-act scripts to a juried competition. Four finalists will be chosen to and their work adjudicated by a panel of theatre professionals. The first place winner will receive $500, second place $250, third place $100, and fourth place $50. Come see more detailed information on their website at http://www.rrtstjoe.org/

Information: Robidoux Resident Theatre is an organization that focuses on professional quality theater productions with the spirit of volunteerism. The theatre is an important tool for educational, economic, and community development in St. Joseph.

Sources: http://www.rrtstjoe.org/



Go and discover St. Joseph, Missouri!

Experience the vibrant Wonderland!

Have fun with your kids!

Enjoy life with your family!

For more places to go for family fun, visit Discover St. Joseph website at


What’s in a Pantry?

Medications opened in 1996 and not used since…strawberry syrup from 1989…napkins from your daughter’s first birthday and she is now married with children…  Our pantries are places we frequent yet seldom think about unless we can’t find something.

Pantries were originally built in a cold north corner of a home for storage of food.  Butler’s panties were entirely different and meant for storage of china and serving ware.  There was a time when pantries weren’t even built into homes but are making a welcome comeback.  Perhaps it was the generation skip that has caused the pantry to become such problem area.  As children we had very small pantries, if any, and now they are large enough to be a room in and of themselves.

I have seen pantries filled with so many irrelevant items there wasn’t any room for the food.  Such items include florist vases, gift wrap, filing cabinets, even an assortment of handbags.  In taking back control of our pantry we must first identify how we intend to use it.  Hopefully food storage tops the list but that is entirely up to you.

When you decide to work on your pantry, set aside several hours to do it properly.  Take everything out – and I mean EVERYTHING!  As you are removing items, check them for expiration dates.  If it doesn’t have one, assume that it is and toss it out.  This is an integral part of the process at it will decrease the volume of items returning to your pantry exponentially.

Once the space is empty, go ahead and clean.  Remove the dried honey then put down fresh shelf liners.  With the space fresh and clean, think about what you use most.  Do you have children that need access to snacks?  Make sure that the items you use the most are in the most logical/accessible place.  If there are very shallow shelves, dedicate that space to items such as boxes of drink mixes/teas or condiments like ketchup and relish.

Most pantries can be divided into the following categories:

Beverages (juices, coffee, tea, etc.)

Condiments (mustard, jellies, salad dressing)

Baking (flour, sugar, chocolate chips, baking mixes)

Cooking (noodles, dinner mixes, sauces, canned goods)

Snacks (chips, peanut butter, crackers)

Breakfast (cereal, oatmeal)

Storage (Ziploc bags, foil)

Notice spices are not listed.  Spices should be stored within reach of your cooking space.  If at all possible, these should not be stored in your pantry.

Replace the items into your pantry.  Only use the floor for items that are not consumed.  If the floor must be used, place items such as sodas, water, reusable shopping bags, disposable dinnerware or serving dishes still in the original packaging.

A few more tips to keeping your pantry in line:

  1. Always remove unnecessary packaging.  If you buy a variety pack of cereal, take them out of the shrink wrap before placing on the appropriate shelf.
  2. Items packaged in bags are inevitable however, if you store them with the unopened end out, it makes for a much cleaner appearance.
  3. When making your shopping list, go through the pantry and remove anything outdated or empty.  This quick pass over will decrease the need for another several hour block anytime soon.

Your pantry is an important area of your home because most, if not all, of your family’s meals originate there.  You want it to be easy to use and clean.

Have a Neat day!

Jennifer Snyder

Neat as a Pin Organizing Experts



Facebook: Neat as a Pin Organizing Experts


Take the Guesswork Out of Meal Planning!

Do you panic at 5 o’clock trying to figure out what you are going to feed your family for dinner?  My Family Meal Planners can help you eliminate that stress at dinner time.  Plus your grocery list is already done!

In 2006 my family decided we would make each other’s Christmas gifts.  I drew my older sister’s name and came up with a gift that has now helped thousands of families all over the United States.  My sister was a busy mom of 4 young children.  When deciding what to make her for Christmas I decided to give her the ultimate gift, a meal planner already complete for her.  I planned 4 quick, easy meals per week for an entire year.  One of the meals each week was a crock pot meal for their busy nights.  I included all the recipes and the weekly grocery lists too.  To make it even easier for her, I also made a preprinted grocery list notepad for her refrigerator.  Since my sister had four young children, I wanted to make sure I chose meals that her kids would eat.  My sister lives in a small town in North Dakota, so the ingredients had to be available at her local grocery store.  I was a childcare provider at the time and decided to follow the USDA guidelines for childcare providers in the meal planner.  Each meal included 1 meat, 1 bread, 2 fruits, 2 vegetables, or a fruit and a vegetable, vitamin C daily and vitamin A at least twice a week.  After working on this gift for many, many hours, I decided this could benefit my friends too.  I was so excited about her gift that I gave it to my sister in October.  I then emailed my friends and told them what I had done and my business was born.

After the first year, I added two more meal planners.  My Family Meal Planner #2, which has the same great idea, just different recipes.  I also made a Meal Planner for 2.  The Meal Planner for 2 is great for newlyweds, new moms, or empty nesters.

After great success with these three meal planners there was a high demand for a healthier version.  In 2008 I enlisted the help of Teresa Sanborn, a registered dietitian with over 20 years of experience to help me create My Family Meal Planner Light.  My family and I tried all the recipes in the My Family Meal Planner Light to ensure that even though every meal is “light” that they still taste good and are quick and easy to prepare.

My Family Meal Planner Light is full of delicious meals that are all 500 calories or less.  The light meal planner includes nutritional information for every meal as well as every recipe.  Most meals meet the American Heart Association’s guidelines for a “Heart Healthy” meal and are recognized in the meal planner with a heart.  Carb Choices are also included in the meal planner and a star indicates which meals are diabetic friendly.  Another great aspect of My Family Meal Planner Light is that if you are on a weight loss system that counts points the points are already figured for you for every meal and recipe.  The light meal planner is just like all the others, 4 meals per week for 1 year, one meal each week is a crock pot meal, all the recipes and grocery lists are included and a preprinted magnetic weekly grocery list notepad is also available.  The USDA guidelines for childcare providers are also followed in this meal planner.

I have four additional meal planners in my collection now.  My Kids Meal Planner is designed for young kids or kids that are home over the summer.  It has 5 weeks worth of breakfast, lunch, snack and a daily activity.  My Lunchbox Meal Planner is just that, 5 weeks worth of lunchbox ideas including hot and cold meals.  My Family Meal Planner Crock Pot Only, every meal is made in your crock pot!  This meal planner also includes the nutritional analysis for each recipe.  Lastly, the My Family Meal Planner Meat Optional, make your meal with or without meat.  Perfect for vegetarians or for families that would like to have less meat in their diet.

I want to offer you a stress free week with a sample menu, recipes and a grocery list.  Tear off the grocery list, cross off what you already have and head to the store.  You will have enough food to cook 4 well-balanced meals for your family, one of which is a crock pot meal for your busy night.  All meals are quick, easy and kid friendly.  You will have the answer to the question: “What’s for Dinner?”



Day 1 ~ Easy to Stuff Manicotti, green beans and mandarin oranges

From: My Family Meal Planner

Day 2 ~ Ham and Pineapple, mashed potatoes, peas and bread

From: My Family Meal Planner #2

Day 3 ~ Crunch Ranch Chicken, strawberries, side salad (with 1 Tbsp salad dressing)  and a whole wheat roll

From: My Family Meal Planner Light

Nutritional Analysis for 1 serving of the meal: 281.2 calories, 4.18 g fat  (1.17g saturated fat), 69.07 mg cholesterol,  846.19 sodium,  29.73 g carbohydrate, 4.82 g fiber, 30.77 g protein, MyPoints Plus 7, ♥ Heart Healthy meal, Diabetic Friendly with 2 carb choices

Day 4 ~ Chicken Tacos and pears

From: My Family Meal Planner Crock Pot Only


Easy to Stuff Manicotti

1 lb ground beef

1/2 cup chopped onion

1 (26 oz) jar spaghetti sauce

14 piece mozzarella string cheese

1 1/2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese

1 pkg manicotti


Cook manicotti according to package directions. Meanwhile, in a large skillet, cook beef and onion over medium heat; drain. Stir in the spaghetti sauce. Spread half of the meat sauce into a greased 9×13 inch pan. Drain manicotti; stuff each shell with a piece of string cheese. Place over meat sauce; top with remaining sauce. Cover and bake at 350˚F for 25-30 minutes or until heated through. Sprinkle with mozzarella cheese.  Bake, uncovered for 5-10 minutes or until the cheese is melted.

Ham and Pineapple

2 slices Ham Steak

1 can sliced pineapple

brown sugar


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.  Place aluminum foil in the bottom of a 9×13-inch pan.  Spray foil with non-stick cooking spray.  Cut ham slices in half so that you have four pieces of ham.  Place in pan (there may be some over lapping).  Arrange pineapple slices on ham and sprinkle brown sugar over top.  Cover with aluminum foil and bake for 30 minutes.

Crunchy Ranch Chicken

1/3 cup cornflake crumbs

3 Tbsp grated parmesan cheese (reduced fat)

1 pkg dry ranch dressing mix

1 lb boneless skinless chicken breasts

2 (1 second) sprays of butter flavored cooking spray

In a shallow dish combine cornflakes, grated parmesan cheese, and ranch dressing mix. Dip chicken on both sides in mixture and place in a greased 9×13 inch pan. Spray chicken with butter flavored cooking spray. Bake at 425˚F for 30 minutes or until chicken is no longer pink. Makes 4 servings.

Chicken Tacos

1 ½ lbs boneless skinless chicken breast

1 (15 oz) jar of salsa

1 env taco seasoning

8 flour tortillas

3 cups shredded lettuce

2 cups shredded cheddar cheese


Put the chicken, salsa and taco seasoning in the crock pot and cook on low for 6-8 hours.  Shred chicken in a fork and serve in a tortilla shell with toppings.


Day 1 ~ Easy to Stuff Manicotti

1 lb ground beef

1/2 cup chopped onion

1 (26 oz) jar spaghetti sauce

14 pieces mozzarella string cheese

1 1/2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese

1 pkg manicotti

1 can green beans

1 can pineapple tidbits


Day 2 ~ Ham and Pineapple

2 slices Ham Steak

1 can sliced pineapple

brown sugar

Ingredients for mashed potatoes

1 can peas

bread for bread with butter


Day 3 ~ Crunchy Ranch Chicken

1/3 cup cornflake crumbs

3 Tbsp grated parmesan cheese (reduced fat)

1 pkg dry ranch dressing mix

1 lb boneless skinless chicken breasts

butter flavored cooking spray


Romaine lettuce for a side salad

whole wheat dinner rolls

Day 4 ~ Chicken Tacos

1 ½ lbs boneless skinless chicken breast

1 (15 oz) jar of salsa

1 env taco seasoning

8 flour tortillas

3 cups shredded lettuce

2 cups shredded cheddar cheese

1 can pears

Take the guess work out of meal planning all year with the many options available from

My Family Meal Planner!  Available at: www.myfamilymealplanner.com or at the Mommy Shop in Overland Park.

Lindsay Siebert is the creator of My Family Meal Planner and a mother of 4 young children in Manhattan, Kansas.


What’s for Dinner?

“What’s for dinner?”  This 3 word sentence can send even the best mom or dad into a tizzy on a busy day.  After laundry, cleaning, work inside or outside the home, soccer practice, dance lessons, and picking up the dry cleaning, you’re supposed to figure out a meal plan that pleases everyone in the family and stays within a budget?  Some days that’s more do-able than others.

Thankfully there’s help for busy families who don’t have a money tree in the backyard.   All it takes is a click of the mouse at www.iFamilyKC.com and you can find tons of places with FREE  or really really cheap kids’ meals that both you and your kids will enjoy.  Each location has different parameters, but the end result is dinner out for a great price!

Check out our Kids Eat FREE page and be sure to bookmark it for frequent visits.  It’s available 24/7 and provides you a list of places to eat, almost everyday of the week, with all types of cuisine.  There’s something for even the pickiest little eaters: we’ve got you covered!  We strive to  help you get a little stress relief at least one night a week and give your schedule and wallet a little break!

Bon Appetit!

If you know of a great place that’s not already on our list, please take a minute to email details to info@iFamilyKC.com.  We LOVE to hear from you!


iFamilyKC 🙂


Are you Emotionally Attached to Things?

So many things pass through our lives, while some stay longer than others, very few have little or no emotional value.  We receive gifts and inherited items – we also purchase our own.  Think about the Cabana shirts from the trip to Hawaii or the snow globe from New York City.  We all have them yet struggle when their time has come to move on or even where to keep them in our homes.

These things are referred to as Emotional Clutter.  We keep them out of obligation or some other self-inflicted reason.  The truth is, if the item has ceased to bring you joy (if it ever did) then it is time to move on.  When you see something in your home or office that you are unsure about, ask yourself, “how does this make me feel?”  You will be surprised at how often the things in your space actually elicit negative emotions.  Now let them go!

To rid yourself of these types of items, I always encourage clients, friends, and family to utilize charities.  The Advocacy Center for Crime Victims and Children is a wonderful place to take stuffed animals.  The Thrift Store benefiting the Family Abuse Center provides a voucher system for families in need.   That snow globe from New York City?  Imagine the joy it would bring a child without any toys at all.

Resist the urge to underestimate the joy your unwanted items could bring someone less fortunate.  Fill your space with only things you love and pass your joy onto someone else.  It is a win-win situation.

Jennifer Snyder

Neat as a Pin Organizing Experts



Quick and Healthy Snacks the Kids Will Love After School!

If your family is anything like mine, after school is a bit crazy!  We often have very little time once the kids get home before we head out to a football game, track meet, dance class, volleyball practice, music lesson, etc.  It’s important that your child gets a good, healthy snack to keep them fueled until dinnertime.  Here are some quick, easy, healthy, and often, on the go snacks.

  • Low fat mozzarella cheese sticks
  • Peanut butter (calorie dense, so watch the portion size)
  • Fresh fruit
  • Dried fruit
  • ½ sandwich on whole grain bread
  • Quesadilla – low fat cheese on whole grain tortilla
  • Yogurt – low fat without added sugar
  • Hummus – with raw veggies or pita
  • Smoothies – low fat yogurt and fruit without added sugar
  • Low fat popcorn
  • Lean turkey/ham and low fat cheese roll ups
  • Whole grain waffles – with yogurt, peanut butter and a hint of syrup
  • Mini pizza – English muffin or pita with sauce and low fat mozzarella cheese
  • Carnation instant breakfast with skim milk
  • Graham crackers or vanilla wafers – with skim milk or a bit of peanut butter
  • Nuts
  • Granola bars – watch for added sugar or fat
  • Whole grain crackers with low fat cheese or peanut butter
  • Trail mix
Good health is important from the inside out. Learn more about how Tiffany nourishes her body from the outside by checking out her website at tglenn.myrandf.biz Tiffany lives in Lorena with her husband Tim, son age 15 and daughters’ ages 9 and 13. E-mail: tiffanydglenn@gmail.com