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Back To School Organizing

Family Schedule


During the back to school season, a family’s schedule fills up quickly with all sorts of activities. College Nannies & Tutors’ top three tips:

1)      Utilize a family calendar – have one family calendar that all events and activities are on.

2)      Protect family time – be sure to have some quality down time as a family to just have fun together. Plan it – put it on the calendar so it is a priority.

3)      Learn when to say “yes” and “no.” There are all sorts of good things to fill up our time – sometimes we have to say no to good things in order to make other important things a priority. When adding things to your family’s schedule, be sure and ask yourself if what you are adding is important enough to hold that spot on the calendar. This may look different for each family, so it is your job to decide what is best for your family and your kids.

After-School Activities


Piano lessons, football practice, volleyball practice, cheerleading, girl/boy scouts, you name it… there are many after-school activities to fill the time slot of 3-6pm. College Nannies & Tutors top three tips:

1)      Carpooling. Team up with other great parents and share the responsibility of transporting to and from practices and other activities. This will take the load off of you as a parent running around every day being a taxi driver, and also will give you the opportunity to get to know other parents and the children your kids are hanging out with.

2)      Not available when the school bell rings? Consider an after-school nanny. You can arrange for a fun role model to take great care of your kids after-school. An after-school nanny can pick them up from school, take to after-school activities, help with homework, and help get dinner started. When you get home from work, you can then just do what parents love to do – spend time with your family.

3)      Develop a routine. When kids come home from school, it is great for you and for them to have some sort of a routine – it provides a great start to a smooth evening. Again, this will look different for each family and depend on after-school activities. Consider a few of these ideas: snack/down time where you catch up with your children on the day’s happenings (take interest in your kids’ days – ask them how it went and what was their favorite part), homework time (and be available to help), free time/play time (and have some fun with them!), and help with preparations for dinner. Take advantage of the days when your children do not have activities. Plan some down time at home with a movie or games, or a fun outing just you and them. Dinner out, a trip to the park, or that special outing you know the kids always enjoy are just a few ideas.



With the start of a school year, comes the start of homework. College Nannies & Tutors top three tips:

1)      Set your expectations for when you want homework to be completed. If you specify that homework should be done before dinner, before play time, or whatever makes sense for your family, it will help the homework get completed with less struggle and procrastination.

2)      Be available to help. When your student knows you are available to them, it helps give them the confidence and motivation to get through the assignments. You also will then be able to lend an encouraging word and assist with any problems when needed.

3)      Know how they are doing. Only when you are tuned into how your student’s homework is going, can you know if they are struggling or doing well. If they need help beyond what you can offer, consider a professional tutor. You can get your student hooked up with a professional tutor who will provide customized, one-on-one homework help tutoring to help your child get ahead and succeed.

Whatever this time of year brings for you and your family, be available to make your family a priority, have fun, and be an encourager and advocate for education.

Amy Branton

College Nannies & Tutors

Building Stronger Families®



How to Get the Best Deals at Kids Consignment Sales

Consignment sales are a great way to save money on kids’ items.  You pay a fraction of retail for gently-used and new kids’ items.  Here We Grow Again Kids Consignment Sale offers thousands of great bargains on clothing, toys, shoes, games, books, baby equipment, furniture, nursery items, sports equipment and more in one convenient location.  With thousands of items in so many categories, how can you be sure you are getting the best bargains?  It is possible with a little planning and preparation.  Here are our top ten tips to help you get the best deals!

  1. Bring a list of your top wants/needs and start there.  Focusing on a couple must-have items will help you spend your bargain hunting time wisely.  All the other great deals you find along the way are a bonus.
  2. Get to the sale first!  Our shoppers typically line up early on opening day.  Standing in line for a consignment sale may not only bring back fond memories of standing in line for your favorite band’s concert tickets, it might also mean that you are the first to snag that perfect deal.  If there is a must-have item on your list, be sure to arrive early.
  3. Better yet, get to the sale before the general public.  We offer special pre-sale hours to our volunteers and consignors.  Signing up to work a shift during the sale will guarantee that you are the first to shop.  Our volunteers also get first chance to shop the 50% off pre-sale.  Be the first to get half-off those items you’ve been eyeing during your volunteer shifts.
  4. Consider shopping for the most popular items on your list first.  Our sales floor is clearly marked by department.  Things like bicycles, outdoor play items, furniture, electronics and toys are some of our most popular categories.  If you have one of these items on your wish list, be sure shop those sections first.
  5. Be hands-free.  Rummaging through racks of clothing and tables of toys is much easier when both hands are free.  Consider bringing shopping bags or laundry baskets to hold your items.  Take advantage of our “Hold” tables, too.  Hold tables, located throughout the sales floor, provide a place where you can tag and hold your larger items while you enjoy the rest of your shopping.
  6. If possible, leave the kids at home.  If you can’t leave the kids at home, make sure they have snacks and potty breaks before you hit the sales floor.  Nothing interrupts a bargain-hunt like a poorly-timed potty break or a hungry, unhappy child.
  7. If the kids aren’t with you, be sure to bring a list of your kids’ sizes – this includes clothing and shoes.   It’s not a good deal if it doesn’t fit.
  8. Check the racks with clothing above and below your child’s size.  Clothing brands can run large or small. You might find something in another size that is right for your child.
  9. Inspect each item carefully.  We do our best to screen our items for tears, stains and damage.  Still, we recommend you examine each item before purchasing.  Again, it’s not a good deal if you aren’t able to use it after you get home.  All sales are final.
  10. If you are planning to purchase furniture, you may want to write down measurements for the space in your home.  That perfect desk or bed will seem less perfect if it isn’t the right size for your space.  Also, be sure that you bring a vehicle large enough to transport the item and maybe a friend or family member to help you unload once you get home.

If you’d like to find out more, visit us at www.herewegrowagain.com or email info@herewegrowagain.com.  Make sure to shop our upcoming Kansas City-area sales!

September 14 – 17 – Eastern Jackson County
Sports City
425 NE Mock Avenue
Blue Springs, MO 64014

September 20 – 24 – Olathe/Overland Park
EPIC Indoor Sports (formerly Pepsi Ice Midwest)
135th and Quivira
12140 W. 135th Street
Overland Park, KS 66221

October 1 – 4 – Southland/Grandview
Crystal Ballroom at Rodeway Inn
71 Hwy and 155th Street

October 5 – 8 – Shawnee

Westbrooke I Shopping Center

75th Street & Quivira
7353 Quivira Rd.
Shawnee, KS 66216

October 13 – 16 – Northland/Gladstone
Former Deals space near Hobby Lobby & Price Chopper
6465 N. Prospect
Gladstone, MO 64119