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Is Your Child Ready for the Next Transition?

Summertime is full of new transitions for kids of all ages. Whether it is moving from preschool to kindergarten, elementary school to middle school, college test prep, or simply moving from one grade to the next, kids are making transitions over the summer. Transitions come with a mix of emotions including excitement and anxiety, anticipation and reservations. Fortunately, summertime is the perfect time to prepare and equip children for the next step, whatever that may be. From preparing for the next grade level, catching up on that tricky math concept, to taking the first steps in college admissions, summer provides a laid back time for children to focus on that specific next step and get armed and ready to take it on!

Kindergarten Readiness: Kindergarten is THE transition year. The year that introduces kids to a classroom, peer relationships, and the world of academics. With increasing education standards, not all children are ready to tackle the expectations of school. Empowering your child with the right tools to start “ready” for kindergarten will set the stage for success!

Organization/Study Skills: Your student is smart, but he isn’t applying himself. He finishes his assignments, but forgets to hand them in. Sound familiar? Sometimes kids just need a little coaching on how to organize and apply themselves. This can make the difference to obtain that grade he’s been aiming for. Learning can be fun and easy with a  little organizing!

Subject Specific/Jump Start: If it’s math, it’s math. If it’s science, it’s science. Every child has different areas that are more challenging for him than others. Maybe it’s just that your child needs to catch up, catch on, or simply get ahead before starting the next school year. Being prepared and having a good jump start to a new grade level is a fantastic gift for a transitioning student and a great summer goal!

College Test Prep: College admission is competitive. With more students entering college, admission is tougher than ever. College entrance exams play a big role in getting into the school of choice and qualifying for scholarship dollars. Individualized attention, practice, and preparation will lead to individual success!

Take the next step to ensure your child is ready for the transition quickly approaching this summer. Take a summer challenge as a parent to be hands-on and involved with your child, engaging him in fun, educational activities. Arrange for a role model tutor to spend some time with your student to help prepare your child for the coming academic transitions. Whatever it looks like for you, take that step and have fun this summer! You will be building the bridge for your child’s success.

Amy Branton

College Nannies & Tutors®


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College Tutors® provides true one-on-one tutoring, individualized programs, and flexible scheduling.

10 weeks with a role model from College Tutors® ensures that your student will be more confident and proficient in their chosen area of study. They will be better prepared for school in the fall. Call now to reserve your summer tutoring sessions!

College Tutors® offers specialized instruction in:

  • Math (Basic, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus)
  • Science (Physical Science, Chemistry, Biology, Physics)
  • Reading (critical reading, reading comprehension and fluency, literature)
  • Writing (essay writing, research papers, creative writing)
  • Study Skills (organization, test prep, effective study habits, note-taking)
  • College Test Prep (ACT, SAT, and PSAT)
  • College Admissions Coaching (school selection, application, essay, and interview assistance)