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The Inside Scoop on ACT Testing!

When do students typically take the ACT test?

Juniors typically take the tests in the Spring (April, May, June) of their Junior year and may try a 2nd or 3rd time in the fall of their Senior year (Sept and Oct). Those are the most popular test dates. Students normally start applying for colleges in the fall of their Senior year.

What is the highest math level tested on the ACT?

The ACT tests up trigonometry.

If my child takes the test too early, will they score lower on the math portion because they have not learned the concepts yet?

The concern by parents of testing too early before math concepts are learned is valid. For those students, the test can be taken in June after their Junior year and then again in the fall. But then they only get 2 chances, where many people like to leave themselves 3 opportunities to take the test.

Is there a penalty for wrong answers on the ACT?


Are all ACT test scores sent to schools?

No. There is a “Score Choice” option. Students can choose which schools will receive their scores and which scores the schools will see.

When is the best time to register for the ACT test?

The best time to register is at least four weeks before the test at www.ACT.org.

Does tutoring help increase test scores?

With College Nannies and Tutors one-on-on ACT Test Prep Services, which focus on both content and test-taking skills, we have seen an average of a 3-5 point increase on ACT scores for our students. Ninety-five percent of the students who have worked with a College Tutor have improved their score.

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