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Summer Checklist from Inspiring Moms!

Summer is here! To many parents, that means fewer demands, no more homework, and planning festive family vacations, yet it also means swim lessons, baseball practices, games, tournaments, tutoring, all sorts of camps, and endless requests for play dates. Add to that the stress of managing your family’s “free time,” and summer can feel as overwhelming as it is welcoming.

If this sounds like how you are feeling, you are not alone. If you’d like to start the summer off right, consider the beauty of a plan or following a daily checklist.

A checklist is a powerful tool. It is a list of tasks that you need your kids to accomplish each day. It provides the comfort of daily structure as it orients your kids to what is expected of them. Think of it as their personal step-by-step guide to morning and evening success. Who doesn’t want that? Kids love to feel successful.

Our kids are capable of so much more than we think. We just need to set them up for success. The morning and evening checklist do just that.

Gone are the days of “Have you made your bed? Did you brush your teeth?” Your kids will now hear positive and encouraging statements like, “I love the way you are using your checklist. Good for you!“ If one of your kids asks to head over to a friend’s house, simply respond with “That sounds like a great idea!” Your making great progress on your checklist, keep it up!”

Start now and download the Inspiring Moms summer checklists for free by clicking: http://bit.ly/a2fLAk . There is one for kids who are gone for the day, maybe at camp or daycare, as well as for kids who typically stay home during the day. There are pictures for your little ones who can’t read and a brief phrase for those who can. Pop each list into an 8 by 10 frame and keep them out on the kitchen counter or island. Your kids will love them!

Remember, practice makes permanent. Stick to the list, be as consistent as possible, praise progress, and most importantly, make it a great summer!

Amy Hilbrich Davis

Happy mom of seven, Mom and Family Expert, CEO of Inspiring Moms, and creator of the Balance MAP!


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